Sharing the story of God with a crowd in Athens, one of the first followers of Jesus, a man named Paul, proclaims “as your poets have said” while drawing wisdom from a Greek poet. Paul knew his message was not a foreign one, but a fulfillment of the knowledge, hopes, and dreams of the Athenians.

About the Story

Likewise, spiritual truth is woven throughout the movies, television, and literature that our culture (and every culture) produces. Sometimes our poets (authors, filmmakers, and showrunners) intentionally reference the scripture, but even when they do not, the message of Jesus often shines through. Why?

People tell the same story again and again throughout time and place. The same characters (or to use Jung’s word, “archetypes”), appear again and again. We are made to love a specific story, the story in which God is author and hero. It is the Good News of Jesus Christ.

God has not only created us, but seeks to save us from disaster, to draw us to Himself in loving embrace. It is a romance, an adventurous epic, a coming-of-age story, a battle between good and evil. We find this story in scripture and in our lives, and it keeps reappearing in all the stories we tell. 

As G.K. Chesterton wrote, “People wonder why the novel is the most popular form of literature; people wonder why it is read more than books of science or books of metaphysics. The reason is very simple; it is merely that the novel is more true than they are.”

About Me

My name is Andrew, and by now, you can probably tell that I love Jesus and stories.

I especially like science fiction. In fact, Star Wars fills a substantial portion of the posts. Consequently, most of the stories discussed on this blog are modern and popular, but I occasionally refer to classic works as well.

While I spend a lot of time consuming movies, TV, comic books, and actual books (even it is via audiobook while washing dishes), I want more than entertainment. I long to participate with the story, contemplate its themes and messages, and then discuss it with others, whether in person or on the internet.

My wife, Heather, who also writes at heatherhocking.com, is often the first person I discuss the story with, and she’s also contributed multiple posts to this blog.

Ultimately, I hope to highlight well-presented truth in stories. While nearly all posts focus on spirituality, many discuss political implications such as pursuing peace, seeking justice, and overcoming polarization.

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