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About Us

We attended the same conference and happened to sit next to each other. The speaker was talking about how Christians can interact with the larger culture. As we walked to get food, we started discussing the spiritual themes in stories, and that discussion has not stopped. I (Andrew) was rather intrigued when Heather said that she finds the Gospel message in stories.  

See, I love watching TV and movies, but not just for relaxation. I love to discuss the themes found in them. Consequently, Heather’s comment caught my attention. I was looking for this shared interest in a potential wife. In our first phone conversation after the conference, I think we argued the themes in Star Wars for over an hour. I shared Battlestar Galactica with her, and she shared Doctor Who and Harry Potter with me.  

To make a long story short, we got married, and we’ve been devouring movies, TV, and books together ever since. At the end of an episode or chapter, we look to one another and say “Thoughts?” And then the fun truly begins.

We want to invite you into these conversations. We’re sharing our thoughts with you, and we’d love to hear yours as well.

About Heather

I’m a follower of Jesus and married to Andrew. I studied Anthropology and read stories from around the world. I began to notice that each one of these myths and tales told of a broken relationship with the gods that needed repairing. They spoke of something wrong in this world that needed fixing. Some even prophesied of one who would come who would reconcile humanity with the gods again. I felt that if I could sit down with the teller of these tales, I could so easily tell them about Jesus. They were already looking.

I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great to live in a culture like that where the stories all seemed to point to Jesus?” Eventually I realized I already did. The centuries-old books I was reading for class and the movies I watched with my friends had the same echo I had seen in text after text. Something is wrong. Something is broken. It hasn’t always been this way. We need a reconciler. We need a savior.

Most of the posts about books on this blog are going to be written by me. I’ve always been a voracious reader, and though I don’t get paid to read books and write about them as a day job (wouldn’t that be lovely) I get to have a taste of that in this blog.

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About Andrew

I’m a follower of Jesus and married to Heather. A number of years ago, I hosted a weekly, international movie night, which greatly affected me. Combined with reading scripture, it gave me a greater appreciation for social justice and peacemaking. Plus, it was a lot of fun discussing great movies with great friends.

In addition to discussing themes in secular stories, I’m passionate about helping people discover spiritual truth for themselves in scripture. Time and time again, I see that God loves to reveal Himself to individuals and groups of people who begin to read His story. If this interests you, please contact me.  

Using a different set of neurons during the day, I’m also a mechanical engineer. Thankfully, Heather edits my writing, but fellow engineers might especially appreciate my perspective. (And now, you know why Science Fiction appears a lot in this blog.)

Regarding my favorite post, read why I blame Yoda for Anakin’s fall.

About You?

Ok, we probably don’t know you, but that can change. Please share your thoughts, responses, and recommendations by contacting us and commenting on posts.

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