Experiencing God in Stories

While this blog—asyourpoetshavesaid.com—focuses on spiritual truth in secular movies, TV, and books, I often point readers to look to scripture as well. From my experience and that of countless others, we find that God reliably uses the stories in the Bible to speak to our hearts, allowing us to know God more.

I’d like to introduce you to a simple way of experiencing God and learning from the scriptures. This can be done individually, but it works especially well in groups, allowing each person to share their ideas and help one another.

For any story in scripture, we can ask the same questions:

  • How can we summarize the story?
  • What does the story tell us about God or Jesus?
  • What does the story tell us about people or ourselves?
  • What can I do in the next 48 hours to apply something that I learned?
  • With whom can I share something that I learned?

To encourage people to get started, I offer either individual stories or story lists in many of the blog posts. If people sign up on the posts (or below), they will get the story or the list as well as the questions to consider. Four subsequent automated emails are sent with pointers for living out what we learn and ideas for next steps.

Feel free to contact me if you would like a recommendation of a Bible story or passage list on any topic.

Below are the stories and lists currently available on the website. Signing up for them does not subscribe you to the blog, though you will have this opportunity in the final automated email.

Individual Stories

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Abraham and Isaac (as featured in Hyperion, Sacrifice, and Abraham’s Dilemma)


Jesus’s Story about the Father (as featured in How Darth Vader (and You) Need a Father)


Story Lists

Social Justice Passage List (as featured in Cloud Atlas: Why Everyone Should Learn the Stories of the Oppressed)


The Hero’s Journey of Jesus Christ (as featured in Does Jesus follow Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey?) Most Popular!