How to be Saved from El Guapo

Many scholars in psychology and mythology such as Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, and Jordan Peterson correctly argue that humanity needs myths and metaphors. We need stories, even fictitious ones, to communicate the truest aspects of life, including ancient myths like the Illiad or recent sagas like Star Wars. A classic named ¡Three Amigos!, however, reminds us that fiction provides limited help, showing us that we also need literal, historical truth. Continue reading How to be Saved from El Guapo

Replicant or Not, How to Live Free

In 2049, a blade runner named K hunts down and kills replicants. Unlike Rick Deckerd decades earlier, he’s engineered by the Wallace Corporation as the latest Nexus-9 model replicant that cannot rebel or even disobey orders. When he discovers a miracle, his worldview changes, and Blade Runner 2049 (spoilers below) provides three insights in how to break free from our programming.

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