So, this is the boring page. Maybe one day, we’ll write the the policies in the form of an epic poem, but probably not. In the meantime…


Please make comments. Lots of them. Especially if you disagree with us. We’re hoping to start good conversations that deepen everyone’s understanding. We’re looking forward to what we learn from you.  

That said, please keep your comments on topic and I’m hoping any philosophical conversation does not drift too far from the book, movie, or show being analyzed. Also, please refrain from including spoilers on other stories not mentioned in the blog post. Anything hateful or insulting will be deleted, whether or not we agree with your point. Anything resembling spam will also be deleted.

Guest Posting

If you would like to submit a guest post or if you would like us to write a guest post for your blog or publication, please contact us. We are very open to both.

Privacy Policy

I’m doing my best to be GDPR compliant and here is my attempt:

Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions of Use

Everything written by us is considered copyrighted under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International. In other words, you can reprint parts or all of our posts, but you have to attribute it to http://asyourpoetshavesaid.com. And if all possible, please make it a hyperlink. Thanks!

Any quotations from movies, shows, or books not in the public domain is considered to be fair use, as it is being referenced for the purposes of critique, commenting, and teaching. If you feel any of our content violates copyright law, please contact us. If you ever noticed that we did not properly attribute something, please contact us, whether it is your work or not.

If the site is down at any point, we’re sorry. We’re learning.

We are not responsible for any content or availability of other sites that you may arrive at through the rabbit trail that is the internet. If any direct links from this blog are objectionable or not working, please contact us.

Thanks for reading! And for commenting! Please comment.